Hall of fame of the Dutch photography

2021 - ongoing

Dutch Photomuseum

For the first time in history, a Hall of Fame has been put together for photography as a contemporary and topical medium, this world wide first can be seen in the Dutch Photomuseum.

In the Hall of Fame of the Dutch Photography, opened by HRH King Willem Alexander, 99 photographs tell the story of the development of photography in the Netherlands from 1842. It shows the highlights, the innovations and the enormous strides that photographers made. Every photo that is part of the Hall of Fame is of iconic value due to their social and artistic significance.

The Dutch Photomuseum presents the Hall of Fame to inspire everyone with images from the fascinating development of 180 years of photography. Images that make you see the world differently with beautiful visual stories that matter. One image has been deliberately left open and that is the choice of the public. The photo that completes the Hall of Fame for them: 99+1.

Tungsten made the introductory film for the Hall of Fame. A large projection accompanied by a specially composed soundscape, the audience can immerse themselves in the world of photography.

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