Drought in the Delta

2020 - ongoing


In the delta where we live, climate change confronts us with new problems. In 2018 we managed to keep the water machine running with great effort, but it did not stop with that one dry summer. Areas are recovering slowly from the drought and there is likely to be permanent damage, both in urban and in nature and agricultural areas. For hundreds of years, we have been making our country smarter on how to drain water as quickly and efficiently as possible from the point of view of water safety and agricultural productivity. But how to retain water so that we can use it when we need it is an unexpected challenge. The fact that the Dutch, like no other people, know how to deal with water is no longer a certainty.

Commissioned by the IABR and the Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment, Tungsten designed a monumental video projection of no less than 30 meters wide and four meters high for the Drought in the Delta exhibition. Using eight overlapping HD projections, an animation film was shown in 2020 that outlines in detail and with the help of literally and figuratively new perspectives the challenges we face as a poldering nation. Directed by Martin Grootenboer and with the hallucinatory animations of Sara Orfali's.

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