Wonder Rooms

2013 - ongoing

Kunstmuseum Den Haag formerly known as Gemeentemuseum The Hague

The adventure in the Wonder Rooms starts with a panoramic film made by Tungsten in which museum director Benno Tempel asks for help with curating the ‘magic middle’, a special building full of miniature art works by famous (inter)-national top artists, from the miniature collection Ria & Lex Daniels. In teams of 2 visitors are send off with an iPad in their hand. In thirteen spectacularly designed rooms with many innovative Audio Visual productions made by Tungsten many themes are being handled. A wonderful world comes to live, where you can for instance parade in a beautiful outfit on the catwalk, or learn the rhythm of the Boogie Woogie by no one less then Piet Mondriaan himself.

Tungsten produced, animated and composed more then 30 films for the renowned exhibition Wonder Rooms

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