The Time Stairs


Market Hall Rotterdam

The first indoor market of the Netherlands opened in oktober 2014 in Rotterdam.

Stockholm, Barcelona, Valencia, Copenhagen. Almost every world city has got one: An indoor food market.

A buzzing market bursting of fresh fish, bread, fresh from the oven, tender meet, and an uncountable range of cheese and vegetables.

Above the market floor there are 10 floors with over 200 apartments; beneath the market floor is a supermarket, a contained area for entrepreneurs and underneath that 1200 parking spots. A unique place to shop, work, go out and live.

Tungstenpro produced six animations, under the title ‘Time Stairs’ which showcases the historical context of the place. Through images and paintings a three dimensional world is being summoned which gives the viewer an inside in the daily life of for instance the 19th, 17th or 14th century. Because the visitor travels with the escalator it has the effect of time travel.

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